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Vidorreta Biarritz Trendy Lace-Up Platform Espadrilles in White Gold

  • £85.00
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  • Vidorreta Biarritz in White and Gold mix
  • Hand made, unique and special
  • Eco-friendly footwear with Jute fiber platform
  • Made in Spain by certified artisans
  • White mesh
  • White leather heel and eye-let front
  • Gold glitter toe
  • White rubber sole
  • Hand stitched
  • Trendy "Flatform" flat platform style
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Vidorreta Biarritz in white and gold - women's trendy eco-friendly platform espadrilles with lace-up top - fashionable flatform trainers in white mesh, leather and gold glitter mix.

Breathable trendy casual paltform trainers Vidorreta Espadrilles are also the most eco-friendly footwear! Biarritz footbed is made with Jute - an organic fiber that provides the fundamental base of Vidorreta's espadrilles. Braided jute is very solid and also displays exceptional insulation, low thermal conductivity and anti-static properties.

The platform of Vidorreta Biarritz lace-up espadrilles adapts to each individual person. Its expansion enables the feet to settle into the jute as if it were a cushion. The natural rubber sole is attached by means of high temperature and pressure vulcanisation, avoiding the use of glues to achieve excellent sole adherence without sacrificing flexibility.

Care instruction:
Clean your espadrilles gently with a damp cloth.Refrain from using washing products or water. Water is the espadrille’s worst enemy. Refrain from wetting or washing machine. If the espadrilles get wet, allow them to dry before further use.

Vidorreta espadrilles are handmade, unique and special!

Vidorreta is dedicated to the design and production of women's espadrilles. The history of the espadrille dates back to 1936 when Spain was embroiled in a civil war. Nearly thirty years later, the espadrille was transformed into a symbol of fashion.

Vidoretta stands by their commitment to quality and style. The use of 100% natural and ecological products such as jute rope allows Vidorreta shoes to adapt to the feet and fit like a glove. Simplistic and beautiful, the espadrille has become a must-have item for every woman's wardrobe!

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