Walking 8 Mile – What Shoes to Loose Yourself To?

US rap sensation Eminem has hit the top spot for the sixth time with his latest album release, Recovery.

Following on from Relapse, which was a delayed following a 4 year break, his other UK number one albums include the legendary “Encore”, “The Eminem Show” and compilation album “Curtain Call”.

Not only does he have another album number one on his bad lad CV, but also is featured twice, yes, twice, in the top ten singles chart with his latest additions “Not Afraid” and “I love the way you lie”.

With a career spanning further than simple chart rapper, he has also starred in the hit film “8 Mile”, which was controversially the first film to win an Academy Award for the Best Original  Song with a Hip/Hop track – “Loose Yourself”.

The question Mozimo has to ask is…when walking 8 Mile, what is the best shoe to wear?

Do you go for comfort or for that Slim Shady style?

We recommend a good FitFlop for long distance walking. Preferably a FitFlop Hyker which is super comfortable and dubbed the greatest shoe on the earth for men who don’t like toe posts.

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