Tiger’s still worth top dollar!

Following the sport stars recent shenanigans, and losing some highly lucrative sponsorship deals. Nevertheless, Tiger Woods has still been named the top earning American athlete for the 7th straight year.

Over the past 12 months, he’s earned $90.55 million, which equates to over $300 by the time you’ve read this blog. Although, he has suffered a devastating drop of $9 million from last year, how will he survive?

With this decrease in income, he may have to soon start watching what he spends. So taking this into consideration… What do you think would be the next best pair of make shift golf shoes available from Mozimo?

We think the perfect shoe would be the mens Timberland 55036 sporty shoe. Featuring full grain leather material that is suitable for all weather conditions, therefore your choice in footwear never has to stop play again. With Tiger playing all over the world, these mens shoes are also even airport friendly, meaning he can walk straight from the green to the security desk and not worry about setting the metal detector off. Plus, incorporating a low-profile rubber sole, which is perfect for long 18-holer days.

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