Perfect Shoes for the Party Season

Everyone looks forward to December for the usual reasons- Christmas and New Year. But December also signals the beginning of party season, a time when invites flood in from colleagues, clients, friends and family asking you to join them in celebrating the festive period. For the fashion-conscious this is welcomed with open arms because a handful of events to attend means one thing – outfit shopping! Some people can be picky about wearing an outfit more than once in a short period of time, that’s up to them, but luckily... Read More


Winter Boots for Men & Women: Mozimo’s Top Picks

October is here and along with the rain and darker evenings comes the time to put them flip-flops back in the wardrobe and look for your new pair of winter boots. A good pair of boots will not only see you through the cold season ahead and all the puddles and piles of fallen leaves which are part and parcel of the British winter, but hopefully they will last you for years to come. So, as a little inspiration, we have handpicked a selection of our favourite men’s and women’s... Read More

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Ice Ice Baby

The scenes emerging from across the pond in America are enough to make us shudder at the mere thought of how cold our US based friends are at the moment. With the country currently suffering the effects of a ‘Polar Vortex’, in which temperatures are reported to be reaching as low as -62F, the images we are seeing are like something you’d see in a multimillion pound movie rather than on news reports. Flights have been cancelled throughout, with government officials warning that people should stay safely indoors away from... Read More