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Tiger’s still worth top dollar!

Following the sport stars recent shenanigans, and losing some highly lucrative sponsorship deals. Nevertheless, Tiger Woods has still been named the top earning American athlete for the 7th straight year. Over the past 12 months, he’s earned $90.55 million, which equates to over $300 by the time you’ve read this blog. Although, he has suffered a devastating drop of $9 million from last year, how will he survive? With this decrease in income, he may have to soon start watching what he spends. So taking this into consideration… What do... Read More

Back for good, but will the second marriage last?

Robbie Williams is reportedly definitely rejoining Take that, however is this just a scheme to boost his slowing career, or does he genuinely miss the Take That life? Before the end of the year, Robbie will tie the knot twice – yes twice! Once to his fiancé Ayda Field and then again to Gary, Howard, Mark and Jason… But which one will last the longest? After going their separate ways, both band and artist has uncounted great success, but now, with Robbie not as popular as he once was, has... Read More