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At an Astros baseball game in America a couple were enjoying watching their local team, when a foul ball was hit into the crowd. The ball made its way directly toward the couple and you would have thought that with the ball heading straight toward his girlfriend that the guy would have stepped in front of his girlfriend to protect her. However with chivalry clearly dead, the guy ran out of the way screaming like a girl, whilst his girlfriend was hit by the incoming baseball. The guy’s reason for moving... Read More

Essential Footwear To Create The Perfect Look….

Picture this! Its midweek you are waiting anxiously for the weekend. You’ve already planned what you’re going to wear for your euphoric Saturday night and you know you’re going to look great for the ladies. The only thing left is deciding what goes on your feet! Footwear is an essential part to creating the right look; it also needs to be comfortable and practical. Finding the right footwear is mind numbingly tough for the best of us. Mozimo is here to help! Mozimo offers a wide range of deck shoes... Read More