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Women’s Gabor Boots: The Hottest New Styles

Although it may seem like a modern brand to those unfamiliar with it, Gabor’s roots actually go back almost a century and this has allowed them to build up a wealth of knowledge on women’s footwear and more importantly, how to get it right. It all began for Gabor in 1924 when husband and wife, Charles and Eveline Clinkard, opened their first footwear store in the northern town of Middlesbrough and since that day the family have gone on to open no fewer than 32 other locations across the UK,... Read More

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Ice Ice Baby

The scenes emerging from across the pond in America are enough to make us shudder at the mere thought of how cold our US based friends are at the moment. With the country currently suffering the effects of a ‘Polar Vortex’, in which temperatures are reported to be reaching as low as -62F, the images we are seeing are like something you’d see in a multimillion pound movie rather than on news reports. Flights have been cancelled throughout, with government officials warning that people should stay safely indoors away from... Read More