SS16 Footwear Colour Tips!

Spring is upon us so it’s time to add a little bit more colour to your daily outfits! This season pale, subtle and nude shades of pink are all in, as well as a range of blues, so it’s time to think about working them into your wardrobe.

Here we’ve taken a look at some of the hottest colours for the SS16 season, and how you can indulge in them right here at Mozimo.


A soft and calming tone, rose helps to add a feel of compassion and composure to spring outfits as it reminds of blushing cheeks, flower buds or tranquil, warm sunsets.

At Mozimo you can find a selection of rose footwear options including Peter Kaiser Arla court shoes, FitFlop Aztec toe post sandals and the Gabor Splash ballet pumps.

We suggest matching your rose footwear and clothing up with peach, light blue or lilac grey for a coordinated outfit.


Peach is always a leading choice for shoes and clothing throughout spring, offering a soft, friendly and warm tone to the wearer and this season peach-orange mixes are particular favourites of fashion designers and consumers alike.

At Mozimo we have a beautiful range of peach shoes for you to browse and buy, such as the Peter Kaiser Itha low heel  and Larma slingback sandals or the FitFlip Surfa toe post sandals.

Why not pair your peach footwear up with rose, navy blue or gold for a classic spring look.

Other colours leading the way this season include vibrant navy blues, buttercup yellows, pale lilac-grey and bold, full bodied greens. Find one (or a mix) to suit you and unleash your SS16 wardrobe now.

View the SS16 range at Mozimo!

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