Schools Out!

With the schools breaking up, its summer holidays for thousands of children all over the UK. Jetting off to a multitude of places all over the world, but theirs one problem that every parent faces! What shoes to take?

Taking into consideration weight, style and weather conditions, what is the most versatile shoe that can cope with no matter what your holiday throws at it. We think that the FitFlop Pietra will be the most, wanted, travelled and worn shoes this summer! But why?

  • Weight: When weighing the suitcase, making sure its under the allowed limit, the Fitflop Pietra will certainly not tip the scales! They are lightweight which not only means you have more luggage allowance for duty free, but also mean it’s easier on your feet when walking along the long sunny shorelines whilst your away.
  • Style: The Pietra FitFlop won’t look out of place no matter what your destination is … well unless you’re going to Canada snowboarding, but that’s just extreme.
  • Stress Relief: Spending hours on a plane, cooped up with the kids screaming can be a stressful time, but with the health benefits of comfortable fitness sandals, once again the Pietra FitFlop is the right choice for all parents.

But with many stores running out of the FitFlop Pietra sandal, remember to shop Mozimo before they sell out here too…

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