Peter Kaiser – Pick & Mix Bags

Since 1838, in an historic shoe making region of Germany, the Peter Kaiser shoe company have crafted luxury shoes for any occasion. Through priding themselves in first class quality, perfect fit, and only using the utmost quality materials, they have gained a reputation of elegance, chic and style.

These days Peter Kaiser range offers a huge selection of styles, colours and materials, supplying shoes in over 800 different materials, this range is the perfect choice for any season. Materials including stretch suede, crushed patents, printed fabrics and high quality leathers, there is surely a pair to suit every weird and wonderful occasion. Peter Kaiser’s focus has continued to remain dedicated to providing first-class style and design, offering classic and elegant ladies footwear.

However, there is as always a down side to finding the perfect pair of Peter Kaiser shoes – finding the perfect bag to go with them. As Peter Kaiser has such a vast range of materials, feels and colours, finding the corresponding bag has always proven difficult. However, you can find the matching Peter Kaiser bags in a phenomenal array of colours, styles and materials, if you know the right places to look!

Renown for style and comfort, receiving rave reviews from the BBC and The New York Times, Peter Kaiser is a brand that will continue to trend set for many years to come, maintaining its image as a world renowned shoe making company with elite clientele.

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