Pamela Anderson FitFlops, toning boobs or bum?

Did you know Pamela Anderson, known for her eye popping role in US hit series Baywatch, is a regular Fit Flopper?  Personally, I find it hard to believe that Pamela Anderson uses FitFlop’s to tone her legs, however it is true, while walking to beach (or wherever she walks!), Pam slips on a pair of her favourite FitFlops.

So now the summer is finally here and it’s time to break out the old classic flip flop, but what about this health sandal revolution. For 3 years now Fitflop have been changing the look of holiday makers all over the world. FitFlops are the original, and the best, when it comes to summer fitness sandals – boasting comfort, style and a better body. Long gone are the days of cheap tacky sandals, which were neither stylish nor healthy. FitFlops are surely the way forward?

Biomechanically engineered to help tone and tighten leg muscles, FitFlops can also help reduce back, ankle and knee joint stress AND increase bottom, hamstring and lower leg muscle activity. Reported to have relieved pain from plantar fasciitis, heal spurs and chronic back pain. So if you want to firm up like Pamela, hop onto the revolution and get a pair of FitFlops today. Averaging at around £40 a pair (depending on style), these comfortable sandals, may tone the leg and buttock muscles more than other sandals on the market. However, with mixed independent customer reviews, and not providing the natural health benefit of a workout or aiding weight loss it’s not all plain walking for FitFlops.

Since they are available in an incredible selection of styles, colours and variations, looking trendy at the beach has never been easier. From the women’s Oasis, Pietra, Electra to the men’s Dass and Freeway, they’re all stylish, coming in a variety of colours.

Worn by the likes of Marcia Cross, Hilary Swank, Carly Simon and of course Pamela Anderson, surely we could all have a body like them soon!

Once you have tried the FitFlop way of walking, I am sure you are never likely to look back. With a healthier and firmer body what could be better. Maybe FitFlops are the secret to Pamela Anderson’s body – well part of it at least…

Fitflop - Get a workout while you walk

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