New Brand Focus: Vidorreta & Chatham Marine

Nothing excites us more here at Mozimo then the introduction of new brands to our already-well-stocked arsenal of men’s and women’s shoes and these latest additions definitely come as no exception!

Both of the brands in question, Vidorreta and Chatham Marine, are perfect for the summer ahead and offer unique styles and designs which we are sure our customers will love. Here, we hope to shed some light into their respective histories in the footwear business and highlight some of their shoes which we believe will be hot sellers over the coming months.


When it comes to women’s espadrilles Vidorreta are at the top of their game. The Spanish brand focus solely on the espadrille, which developed during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s and became a piece of fashionable footwear three decades later, and use natural, raw jute plant in the manufacturing process to create a comfortable shoe which moulds to the wearer’s foot.Mozimo Vidorreta

The stylish designs from Vidorreta blend the traditional with the new by incorporating modern features such as high heels and lace-up trainer silhouettes which give a fresh facelift to this classic shoe.

Some of our favourites from the collection include the Vidorreta Biarritz lace-up platform espadrilles and the elegant Festival platform wedges, ideal for all holiday occasions this summer.

Chatham Marine

Chatham Marine are creators of nautical-inspired footwear for both men and women. Over the last 25 years the British brand have been dedicated to producing high quality and durable shoes with classic marine aesthetics and are fast becoming one of the country’s key lifestyle brands.

The Chatham Marine collection has a strong focus on the traditional boat shoe with a number of different styles available for both men and women. There are also a select number of women’s loafers to finish off the range.

Mozimo Chatham

Two of our personal favourite stand-out designs of the Chatham Marine range are the men’s Deck II (above) and Mastway boat shoes which would work wonders as part of any casual outfit.

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