How to Wear High Heels Without The Pain

There’s nothing better than the feeling of wearing a killer pair of high heels – that is until the pain sets in. All women know it and all women hate it, yet still we battle through all in the name of fashion.

There are some easy steps which can be taken to try and stop this dreaded pain, although they are all too often overlooked. So, below we have rounded them up to try and ease the high heel pains of all our wonderful Mozimo customers.

The number one rule when it comes to eliminating high heel pains is – and this will sound glaringly obvious – wear the right size of shoe! Yes, it sounds simple, but it’s amazing how many women fail to do it. Maybe you have a favourite pair of old heels which you just cannot bare to part with but you need to get real…. Feet change size and your old shoes may just not be a good fit anymore. However, it’s not just old shoes that are a problem – if you try on a pair of new shoes and they feel a little uncomfortable, then just imagine what it will be like at the end of a long night.

Another top tip is to not wear stiletto heels day in day out. While they may look great, they’re not great for your feet and the slender heel can cause serious wobbles which does nothing for your ankles either. Chunkier heel types offer much more stability, so try changing it up now and then to give your ankles a rest.

Thin soles should also be avoided. These tend to create a lot of pain on the bottom of the feet due to pressure and the lack of support. Try to find a pair of heels with a thick sole or a little platform which will help to offset some of the pressure of walking – rubbery and soft soles are best for this. You can also buy specially designed high heel insoles from most chemist stores which do actually work wonders. Usually they are made from silicone gel which absorbs pressure and holds the feet steady as well as protecting you from friction blisters.

Speaking of blisters… Always carry a few medical plasters in your handbag, just in case.

If you are wearing a pair of high heels all day long then it is vital that you find time throughout the day to take your shoes off and stretch your feet. This could be when you are sitting at your desk, on lunch, whenever! You could also try carrying a pair of flat shoes if you are going to be walking long distances or commuting – it makes life so much easier.

At the end of a long day in heels be sure to give your feet a good stretch. Pull the toes backwards, forwards and side to side in order to loosen up the muscles in your feet, which will be under a lot of pressure after a full day in heels.

You can find plenty pairs of high heels which won’t leave your feet aching in Mozimo’s women’s shoes range.

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