How to Store Summer Footwear

Storing your Summer Shoes

With the season of Autumn officially upon us, many of us will be saying goodbye to our summer shoe collection before packing them up for the Autumn and Winter months. Storing your summer footwear out of sight is a practical way to save space and make way for your warmer, more durable footwear. Read on for our top tips for storing your summer shoe collection!

1. First, ascertain which shoes you can happily bid farewell to over the colder and wetter months. Impractical footwear such as sandals, pumps and any delicate shoes made from soft fabrics such as suede should be the first to go into storage. You may also wish to store brightly coloured and printed footwear.

2. Inspect your summer shoes for damage and wear and tear. Make sure that you take any shoes that need fixing to a cobbler for repair before storing them. If there are any shoes that you simply don’t see yourself wearing come next spring, you can choose to recycle or donate them.

3. Giving your summer footwear a thorough clean before storing them is a must to ensure that your shoes are refreshed and ready to be worn when the sun reappears. Here at Mozimo we offer a wide range of shoe care accessories to help with the maintenance of your footwear. The Woly Multi Purpose Combi Cleaner  is a fantastic all-rounder which can be used to refresh leather, synthetics and all colours of textiles. If your leather footwear needs an intense polish, try the RM Williams Lustre Polish which will revive and polish your leather shoes. After cleaning, always allow shoes to dry completely before storing them.

4. Choose to store your footwear somewhere out of direct sunlight in order to protect them from sun damage and prevent fading. A dark, cool wardrobe or cupboard is the best choice. Keep your shoe boxes as they can be stacked easily in the bottom of a wardrobe or under a bed. Alternatively, you can purchase shoe boxes from many outlets which will often be sturdier than the original box. Shoe boxes made out of clear, hard plastic are a great, practical choice that will allow you to identify your footwear quickly and easily and will last for years. Another option is a small shoe rack, which can easily be kept in the bottom of most cupboards and wardrobes. For those low on space, look for hanging fabric shoe holders than can be hung over the back of a wardrobe door.

5. When storing your footwear, stuff your shoes with acid-free paper or tissue to ensure they keep their shape over the winter. Consider adding a packet of silica gel which will absorb any moisture from the air that could damage your footwear over time. Finally, try adding drawer fresheners or sachets of lavender to your shoeboxes to guarantee that when Spring arrives, your shoes come out of storage smelling fabulous!

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