How To Keep Your Skin Looking Its Best This Winter

Over the months we have shown you many ways to care and maintain for your shoes throughout all different kinds of weather, but now that winter is in full swing there is one more important thing for you to know how to look after – your skin!

No matter how good your shoes and handbag are looking, your skin can take a battering against the cold of winter mixed with the rapid temperature changes when you go indoors. This leaves it feeling dry and tight, which can lead to flaking, cracking or even eczema.

So, how do you keep your skin looking its best throughout the winter? Let us explain it for you…

Choose the right moisturiser – As the weather changes, so too should your skin products. Oil-based moisturisers are great for winter as the oil works to leave a protective layer on your skin and this retains more moisture than water-based moisturisers.

Get the sun cream out – Yes, this may sound a bit strange, but bear with us. If it is snowing then that means there’s another surface for the sun’s rays to reflective back off and up towards your face. By wearing a sunscreen in the snow you can help to protect your skin from the UV rays which can seem even more damaging on dry winter skin.

Love your hands – As well as the skin on your face, your hands will also take a battering through the winter as they have less oil glands to keep them moisturised. Make sure you regularly moisturise your hands to prevent any skin cracking and wear gloves when you go out in the cold.

Drink water – This one is simple: drinking water is great for your health and for your skin. As well as keeping you hydrated it will also help to keep moisture in your skin.

Keep your feet greased – Just like changing your moisturiser for winter, you should change any foot products you have as the cold sets in. Your feet need stronger lotions to combat the damage of the cold, so something containing petroleum jelly or glycerine is always a good shout. Exfoliate your feet periodically to remove dead skin, this will allow moisture to sink in easier.

Don’t overcook your baths – Most people think jumping into a super hot bath is great after a day out in the cold winter air. Wrong! The intense heat of boiling baths and showers actually breaks down the skin’s lipid barriers which can cause a loss of moisture. So next time, just use warm water and don’t stay in for too long!

Follow these steps and your skin will look and feel healthy throughout the coming months. Believe us; you’ll be thanking Mozimo in the end!

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