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Welcome to the first in a very special series on the Mozimo blog, where we feature our favourite bloggers! Each week we will be showcasing a brand new blog writer who will either take over and talk about their favourite things or we will just feature our favourite blogger of the week. Today we have Amy from A Little Boat Sailing blog talking about her handbag essentials and featuring the Gabor Granada ladies bag. Amy is a 24 year old Geography Graduate from the UK and her blog is packed full of beauty reviews with the occasional fashion post and even nail art tutorials thrown in the mix too. Enjoy!

Amy from A Little Boat Sailing



The Gabor Granada Tote Handbag in Black Patent is the perfect ladies bag to take to work each day. It has that air of sophistication whilst still being perfectly on trend; it is most certainly a bag I would use on a daily basis. With matching patent heels, white shirt and a nice black blazer this would be the perfect companion to keep all of your handbag essentials in.

A Little Boat Sailing Blog Guest Post on Mozimo

Classic essentials for any woman on the go include a variety of things such as your purse, phone, house keys, car keys, diary, pens, hair brush, mints, you name it; we all somehow find a way to cram it in. Of course whilst all the important things are popped into our bag we cannot forget our beauty essentials. We have to be prepared out there ladies for all events, therefore here are a few of my beauty essentials that I like to take out with me:

I always carry with me a Revlon Lip Butter; these fantastic lip products add a pop of colour to any look without looking too much. They’re great value for money and there are a wide range of shades available. If you’re carrying a lipstick product around you’re going to want a mirror, a little compact mirror is ideal as these take up minimal room in your handbag.

Personally I liked to have some form of body spray or fragrance in my bag that I can spritz on throughout the day, it makes you feel instantly refreshed and of course makes you smell lovely too! These small fragrances from The Body Shop are ideal to pop into your bag; they’re really small and smell so fruity. Again with these there are a wide variety of scents to choose from so there most certainly will be one perfect for you.

Due to the cold weather at the moment I tend to find my hands can get very cold and dry. On those days when I inevitably forget my gloves I will be reaching for the L’Occitane hand cream as these are a perfect handbag size and provide a boost of hydration to my hands leaving them nice and soft; a perfect start for a nice relaxing manicure in the evening after work or a day shopping.


Thank you Amy for a fabulously handy guest post, we are currently eyeing up the Revlon Lip Butters as we type!

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  • I love the L’Occitane hand creams too, they’re so hydrating and the Violet one shown smells beautiful! :)

    Jess xo