Get Active: Our Favourite Summer Workout Shoes

Get Active

We know that it may be hard to get yourself motivated when it comes to working out, so treat your feet to a new pair of workout shoes to make that final push a little easier. Many of our favourite brands have introduced their take on the perfect workout shoes, so we are here to give you our top picks before you take the plunge.

Prepare for the summer months, it’s time to get active with some of our favourite summer workout shoes!


We are sure you’ve heard of this celebrated brand, Fitflop are known for their magic midsole sandals. Focusing on delivering the best in biomechanics and now in an excellent selection of styles, Fitflop footwear features the same iconic magic midsoles that they focused on from the start. The triple density Microwobbleboard midsole delivers extra comfort, absorbs shock and can diffuse pressure underfoot. After the brand launched their very first pair of sandals nine years ago, Fitflop’s range has evolved and grown, adding new designs to the collection seasonally.

At Mozimo our selection of Fitflop sandals offer comfort, versatility and fashion forward designs. From classic designs to embellished and metallic on trend styles, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our range. Slip your feet into a pair of these comfortable sandals and get active before the warmer months arrive. We have picked our top 3 pairs of Fitflop sandals, the only decision you have to make is which are the ones for you!


Don’t look to this much loved brand just for those everyday and occasion wear must haves. Gabor’s range of timeless trainers are perfect for those who want to hit the gym or opt for a weekend of walking in a brand they know. Not only are these practical styles ideal for those who are looking to get active, but they will also come in handy when running errands or shopping – remember every little helps!

Our collection of Gabor trainers propose the ultimate combination, comfort and trend led. Whether you wear them to the gym or just out about about everyday, we have the design that is sure lend itself perfectly to your style! We have picked our top three Gabor trainers, that we think every woman should have in her collection.


Don’t forget to check out the rest of our excellent range of women’s footwear online at Mozimo before you get active this summer!

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