Cleaning & Storing Your Winter Footwear

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Before you wave goodbye to your winter footwear and spring into the warmer months in your brand new summer shoes. Take the time to care for your soon to be neglected favourites and read our guide to cleaning & storing your winter essentials below.

Things to consider before you put your boots away
It’s very easy to try and ignore our winter footwear when the sun arrives, however if shoes are stored correctly they will last a whole lot longer! Save yourself the hassle of having to replace those beloved boots and take note of our top tips.

Our main tip would be to tackle stains before you store any footwear away. Salt stains need only a mix of water and vinegar applied to the problem area, this will neutralise the issue and remove the stain. Areas that are a little more stubborn will need this process repeating a few times to remove the stain fully.

After removing stains, leather boots should be prepped ready for those cold spells. Although you’re storing your beloved winter boots away, make sure you give them a good clean and condition. Conditioning the leather will ensure that they do not dry out over the warmer months. Many leather treatments will also contain water proofing properties, this is an ideal time to get your winter footwear prepared for next year! We would advise that anyone with fabric boots takes this time to spray their footwear with a waterproof treatment as this will ensure you’re ready for the cold snap also.

Whilst we are addressing stains, let’s deal with smells! Sometimes boots and shoes can smell, it’s a fact. But make sure you combat the odor rather than boxing it away in the hope it won’t come back. Deodorise your shoes before you store them away for the summer months, your local supermarket will be the best place to start the search for sprays that will come in handy all year round.

If your winter footwear is looking a little lackluster after the last cold blast, now is the time to get them looking as good as new before they go into hibernation! Don’t let worn down heels, broken laces or scuffed leather sit and wait to greet you next winter, deal with the issues now. Take your beloved winter boots to your local cobbler, these things can be easily fixed for a small price – don’t wait till the issue is worse next winter!

No matter where you store your winter footwear during spring and summer, make sure you’re not damaging them more whilst you’re not wearing them.

Stop your boots looking slouchy and creased with a pair of boot forms – these are an excellent investment for tall leather boots. Boot forms keep leather structured and upright, allowing the natural shape to stay looking as good as new whilst you’re not wearing them.

We would always advise that it is best to store leather boots upright, however as long as your boots are clean and have been treated storing really can be easy. Try and keep the heaviest boots at the bottom of your chosen storage option and if your footwear is in need of extra care, wrap each boot individually in an old towel or pillow case.

At Mozimo our extensive selection of shoe care products will ensure that your footwear collection is looking as good as new all year round.

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