Cleaning & Removing Watermarks from Suede Shoes

Cleaning & Removing Watermarks from Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are notorious for collecting stains, scratches and marks which many people think cannot be removed once they appear. While it is true that they pick up blemishes easier than other shoes because of the suede’s porous surface, you definitely shouldn’t be put off from wearing, or even buying, suede shoes.

It is easy to love suede shoes, with their elegant appearance and soft touch, so obviously you will want to keep yours looking their best. To help you do this, we here at Mozimo have put our thinking caps on to bring you our top tips on keeping your suede footwear in great condition.

Before you begin, you should always clean suede using either a dedicated suede cleaning brush or a soft nylon brush – anything heavier can damage the material. You should also make sure that your shoes are fully dry before starting the cleaning process or you run the risk of rubbing dirt in further rather than actually removing it.

How to clean suede shoes:

  • To start, stuff your shoes with newspaper or old rags to make sure that they hold their shape while you are handling them.
  • Using your suede brush, brush away any mud and dirt trapped on the surface. Do this by brushing in the direction of the fibres rather than against them. (For areas where mud is seriously caked in then you may have to go back and forth against the fibres a little bit, but try to avoid this where possible)
  • If your shoes have scuff marks or blemishes which cannot be removed using the brush, then suede erasers are available in many shoe shops which help to eliminate these marks. If you cannot get a suede eraser, then rubber cleaning stones or crepe rubber can also work.
  • If you are finding particular areas hard to clean, then consider steaming it with a kettle or iron to help open the pores of the suede, making it easier to clean!
  • If you have left any marks on the suede from your hard scrubbing, then use your suede brush or soft nylon brush to lift the nap.
  • Remove the stuffing from your shoes and you are finished!

Now, it’s time to deal with those pesky watermarks which are well known for popping up on our favourite suede shoes. Although it may sound a bit contradictory, we use water to clean watermarks from suede – like fighting fire with fire!

How to remove watermarks from suede shoes:

  • Stuff your shoe with a towel and spray a thin layer of water across the suede surface. Using a nail brush, lightly scrub the layer of water into the suede focussing on the areas with the watermarks.
  • Ever so lightly dampen a cloth and use this to blot the water left on the shoe. This helps the suede to dry evenly, which prevents any further water stains.
  • Once you have done this for both shoes, leave them to dry in an airy room away from direct sunlight which can fade the colour or from heat sources such as radiators or fire places as these can cause the suede to go rough.

Now all that is left to do is to enjoy your beautiful suede shoes!


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