Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Feet In Winter

Although you may be happy to hide your feet during the winter months, it is essential you take care of your feet whether they are on show or not. Don’t worry though – you’re not alone if you are someone who forgets to maintain their footcare routine during the colder months! Here at Mozimo we have put together our top tips to get those feet back on top form prior to the new year. Remove nail polish regularly – this allows your nails to have a bit of a breather... Read More

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How to Store Summer Footwear

With the season of Autumn officially upon us, many of us will be saying goodbye to our summer shoe collection before packing them up for the Autumn and Winter months. Storing your summer footwear out of sight is a practical way to save space and make way for your warmer, more durable footwear. Read on for our top tips for storing your summer shoe collection! 1. First, ascertain which shoes you can happily bid farewell to over the colder and wetter months. Impractical footwear such as sandals, pumps and any... Read More

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Shoe Hacks To Improve Your Summer Sandals

It’s that time of the year again where winter boots are stored away and summer sandals are revived once more! For those who are purchasing new sandals as well as those sticking with a pair of old favourites, what can we do to make the transition from winter to summer easier? It’s inevitable that at least one pair of shoes will either rub, smell or just need breaking in – unless you’re lucky! At Mozimo we have put together a few shoe hacks that we think everyone should know before... Read More


Cleaning & Storing Your Winter Footwear

Before you wave goodbye to your winter footwear and spring into the warmer months in your brand new summer shoes. Take the time to care for your soon to be neglected favourites and read our guide to cleaning & storing your winter essentials below. Things to consider before you put your boots away It’s very easy to try and ignore our winter footwear when the sun arrives, however if shoes are stored correctly they will last a whole lot longer! Save yourself the hassle of having to replace those beloved... Read More