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Sensible Ankle Boots For Snow And Cold Weather with Mozimo

The scenes emerging from across the pond in America are enough to make us shudder at the mere thought of how cold our US based friends are at the moment. With the country currently suffering the effects of a ‘Polar Vortex’, in which temperatures are reported to be reaching as low as -62F, the images we are seeing are like something you’d see in a multimillion pound movie rather than on news reports. Flights have been cancelled throughout, with government officials warning that people should stay safely indoors away from the dangerous chills outside. The temperatures so low in fact that they have been shown to actually turn boiling water in to snow when thrown in to the air! In the UK we haven’t exactly had the best of the weather either – flood warnings have been placed throughout the country, with many towns and villages being effected by the devastating effects of the wind and waves.

Even though the cold temperatures are set to start lifting in America today, the summer sun still feels like a lifetime away. Snow has been forecast to hit the UK in the coming weeks, so round about now would be a great time to start thinking about how you can stay safe and warm during the cold and icy days. A great place to start would be with our fabulous  boot rangeHere are our top 4 ladies ankle boots which are perfect for more slippery conditions:

Skechers Freezing Ankle Boots: (top left)

A cozy and soft slip on black suede ankle boot from Skechers which are sure to keep the chill at bay. Freezing by name, but not by nature, these short black boots have a lovely button detailing on the side and have a lug bottom outsole, which ensures ultimate grip in any weather condition. These boots are not only fashionable and cute, they are also one of our most affordable styles of winter boot too!

 FitFlop Mukluk Boots: (top right)

Mukluk ladies suede boots in brown, from FitFlop, are the ultimate transition for the colder weather from your existing FitFlop shoes. Not only do they have the classic Microwobbleboard midsole which Fit Flops are renowned for, but they also feature a sheepskin lining alongside with the comfortable fit we all know and love. These will keep your toes super cosy and are more than suitable for those romantic walks in the snow covered park. The trim of the FitFlop Mukluk boots can also be folded down to create a snuggly looking fur feature around the top of your ankles too!

Rieker Sydney Fin Boots: (bottom right)

The sportiest looking boot in our selection is the Rieker Sydney Fin. A practical lace up women’s ankle boot which is almost like a hybrid between a classic hi-top sneaker and a regular boot. With a zip up fastening, wool lining and comfortable wider fit, these boots are perfect for more casual winter occasions. A rubber grip ensures that the icy floors are no challenge when out and about, so if your style is more sports casual these are the boots for you.

Rieker Fluffy Ankle Boots: (bottom left)

Fluffy by name and fluffy by nature! A personal favourite of the Mozimo team, with their strokeable and soft lambswool lining, the Rieker Fluffy boots are once again, a more casual option for the snowy weather. The lambswool fur trim can be folded up or down to transform these ladies ankle boots in to a completely different look whilst keeping the chill off too! Once again with a rubber sole to keep your feet firmly on the ground if you encounter any ice, the Fluffy ankle boots tick all the boxes as the perfect cold weather ankle boot.

Which boots would you choose?

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