All The Small Things

X Factor comics John and Edward Grimes, have revealed that they will be releasing their cover of Blink 182’s – “All the Small Things” as their second single. This will be follow the lad’s earlier attempt this year with ‘Under Pressure’.

As you can tell from the somewhat ‘lively’ video (below), their feet and footwear do take a pounding – and this is before they have took to the live stage!  The guys could really do with a health and fitness sandal that is perfect for toning and replenishing lower body aches and pains. This is where the mens FitFlop Hyker comes in:

  • Tumbled leather upper, perfect for ensuring a comfortably fit, whilst ‘raving’ around the stage.
  • Triple adjustable straps to ensure they don’t lose their dignity (or what is left of it) when dancing to avoid slips, trips and other mishaps.
  • Sporting Velcro fastening to enable quick costume changes between numbers

Don’t be surprised later this year if you spot the pair headlining the biggest music festivals wearing the mens FitFlop Hyker … You heard it here first!

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