September 2015

Cleaning & Removing Watermarks from Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are notorious for collecting stains, scratches and marks which many people think cannot be removed once they appear. While it is true that they pick up blemishes easier than other shoes because of the suede’s porous surface, you definitely shouldn’t be put off from wearing, or even buying, suede shoes. It is easy to love suede shoes, with their elegant appearance and soft touch, so obviously you will want to keep yours looking their best. To help you do this, we here at Mozimo have put our thinking... Read More

Women’s Gabor Boots: The Hottest New Styles

Although it may seem like a modern brand to those unfamiliar with it, Gabor’s roots actually go back almost a century and this has allowed them to build up a wealth of knowledge on women’s footwear and more importantly, how to get it right. It all began for Gabor in 1924 when husband and wife, Charles and Eveline Clinkard, opened their first footwear store in the northern town of Middlesbrough and since that day the family have gone on to open no fewer than 32 other locations across the UK,... Read More