July 2015

How to Wear High Heels Without The Pain

There’s nothing better than the feeling of wearing a killer pair of high heels – that is until the pain sets in. All women know it and all women hate it, yet still we battle through all in the name of fashion. There are some easy steps which can be taken to try and stop this dreaded pain, although they are all too often overlooked. So, below we have rounded them up to try and ease the high heel pains of all our wonderful Mozimo customers. The number one rule... Read More

Mozimo’s Guide To Cleaning Your Leather Shoes

If you’ve just splashed out on a brand new pair of leather shoes then chances are you won’t want to let them get ruined any time soon! Unfortunately, many people are not fully sure on the ways to clean and maintain leather shoes and this can lead to the worst happening. So to help our lovely bunch of loyal customers we have put together the Mozimo guide to caring for your leather shoes: Before you start, you will need to find out if your shoes’ leather is finished or unfinished... Read More

Birkenstock: A History of Comfort & Well Being

While Birkenstock may be one of the most popular brands for sandals in today’s market, the German family also have a long and rich history in the footwear industry going back nearly 250 years. To celebrate this great brand and its legacy, we have put together a graphic history of their milestone events: