November 2010

Mukluking Good – Introducing The New FitFlop Winter Range

Good news for Fitflop fans - if you've put away your Fitflop sandals for the winter but you're missing the bum toning benefits, then you'll be pleased to know that the good folk at Fitflop have released a new range of boots ready to tone your legs throughout the colder months.

Peter Kaiser Shoes A Well Known Name In Footwear

Aeons ago some bright human got the idea of wrapping a piece of leather around his foot and this probably was the first shoe ever invented. Since then man has used his creative genius to design shoes that not only protect the foot but are also decorative and complement the clothes. While shoes for gentlemen were relatively conservative, shoes for women were the areas where designers’ ideas ran riot with various colours, materials, shapes and designs, even embedded with jewels that turned the foot into an exotic piece of human anatomy. If you had the shoes to go with it you could well put your best foot forward.

Fitflop Shoes: Exercise While You Walk

Fitflop footwear is known to be absolutely comfortable and there are various kinds available for men, women as well as children. Once a person gets used to these shoes it becomes very difficult to part with them. Fitflop shoes are specifically designed so that you exercise while you walk. The choice which is available in these shoes is wide ranging and style is also not an issue with these shoes.