July 2010

Essential Footwear To Create The Perfect Look….

Picture this! Its midweek you are waiting anxiously for the weekend. You’ve already planned what you’re going to wear for your euphoric Saturday night and you know you’re going to look great for the ladies. The only thing left is deciding what goes on your feet! Footwear is an essential part to creating the right look; it also needs to be comfortable and practical. Finding the right footwear is mind numbingly tough for the best of us. Mozimo is here to help! Mozimo offers a wide range of deck shoes... Read More

Schools Out!

With the schools breaking up, its summer holidays for thousands of children all over the UK. Jetting off to a multitude of places all over the world, but theirs one problem that every parent faces! What shoes to take?


Tiger’s still worth top dollar!

Following the sport stars recent shenanigans, and losing some highly lucrative sponsorship deals. Nevertheless, Tiger Woods has still been named the top earning American athlete for the 7th straight year. Over the past 12 months, he’s earned $90.55 million, which equates to over $300 by the time you’ve read this blog. Although, he has suffered a devastating drop of $9 million from last year, how will he survive? With this decrease in income, he may have to soon start watching what he spends. So taking this into consideration… What do... Read More