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Get Active: Our Favourite Summer Workout Shoes

Get Active

We know that it may be hard to get yourself motivated when it comes to working out, so treat your feet to a new pair of workout shoes to make that final push a little easier. Many of our favourite brands have introduced their take on the perfect workout shoes, so we are here to give you our top picks before you take the plunge.

Prepare for the summer months, it’s time to get active with some of our favourite summer workout shoes!


We are sure you’ve heard of this celebrated brand, Fitflop are known for their magic midsole sandals. Focusing on delivering the best in biomechanics and now in an excellent selection of styles, Fitflop footwear features the same iconic magic midsoles that they focused on from the start. The triple density Microwobbleboard midsole delivers extra comfort, absorbs shock and can diffuse pressure underfoot. After the brand launched their very first pair of sandals nine years ago, Fitflop’s range has evolved and grown, adding new designs to the collection seasonally.

At Mozimo our selection of Fitflop sandals offer comfort, versatility and fashion forward designs. From classic designs to embellished and metallic on trend styles, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our range. Slip your feet into a pair of these comfortable sandals and get active before the warmer months arrive. We have picked our top 3 pairs of Fitflop sandals, the only decision you have to make is which are the ones for you!


Don’t look to this much loved brand just for those everyday and occasion wear must haves. Gabor’s range of timeless trainers are perfect for those who want to hit the gym or opt for a weekend of walking in a brand they know. Not only are these practical styles ideal for those who are looking to get active, but they will also come in handy when running errands or shopping – remember every little helps!

Our collection of Gabor trainers propose the ultimate combination, comfort and trend led. Whether you wear them to the gym or just out about about everyday, we have the design that is sure lend itself perfectly to your style! We have picked our top three Gabor trainers, that we think every woman should have in her collection.


Don’t forget to check out the rest of our excellent range of women’s footwear online at Mozimo before you get active this summer!

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Choosing The Right Sandals For You

Choosing the right sandals

It’s time to treat yourself to something new and with summer on the way, what better way to prepare yourself than with a new pair of summer sandals. With so many styles, colours and brands – we know how hard it is to make a decision. So if you’re in need of a little help read further as we help you decide which are the right sandals for you.

Wide Fit
At Mozimo we know that you love our selection of wide fit sandals just as much as we do. The beauty of a pair of wide fitting sandals has to be the extra room given by a platform that offers extreme comfort and extra support. Not only is this style our most popular choice for women, you can also choose which design most applies to you. Offering an extensive selection of wide fit options, you can choose from a variety of our top brands such as FitFlop and Gabor, as well as a multitude of designs from mules, flats, wedges and much more online at Mozimo!

Toe Post
A good fitting pair of flip flops can be a real invest, especially for the warmer summer months. Top post sandals aren’t for everyone, some may say they are ill fitting or can rub the foot – however if you invest in a high quality pair they will last you from season to season. When it comes to this style of sandal we would advise going for something that has a slightly contoured footbed, this will allow for extra comfort and will support the footbed during those long days of walking or shopping! Top post sandals don’t have to be boring, our range here at Mozimo offers feminine embellishments, subtle and bold colours and above all excellent comfort.  

Sling Back
Slingback sandals are timeless and our selection offers styles for both day and night. This iconic design can be spotted instantly thanks to the secure strap fastening to the back of the heel. Although slingback sandals do not offer a great deal of support to the foot, remember that the strap can be fastened securely and altered to your preference. Our extensive selection of slingbacks here at Mozimo come in a variety of heel heights, colours and sizes, allowing you to build a collection for all occasions! We are loving our timeless styles from Gabor, statement prints, embellishments and classic neutral tones will give your summertime outfits a feminine vibe home or away!

Slip On
Slip on sandals and mules are huge trends in the fashion world this summer. As much as this style doesn’t give the foot that much support, they are extremely easy to ‘slip on and off’. Another reason why we love this style so much is that they allow the foot to breath, a must for the warmer months. Mules and slip ons are perfect if you’re looking to extend your holiday wardrobe. Here at Mozimo we would suggest when buying a pair of slip on sandals for the summer months to go for something lightweight and preferably with a padded sole. Our top pick for the summer has to be the Rieker Atlantis Mules, finished with sparkling embellishments and a slight heel these timeless sandals will take you from day to night.

Take the time to browse our full collection of women’s sandals online at Mozimo today.

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Cleaning & Storing Your Winter Footwear

Add Cleaning & Storing Your Winter Footwear (1)

Before you wave goodbye to your winter footwear and spring into the warmer months in your brand new summer shoes. Take the time to care for your soon to be neglected favourites and read our guide to cleaning & storing your winter essentials below.

Things to consider before you put your boots away
It’s very easy to try and ignore our winter footwear when the sun arrives, however if shoes are stored correctly they will last a whole lot longer! Save yourself the hassle of having to replace those beloved boots and take note of our top tips.

Our main tip would be to tackle stains before you store any footwear away. Salt stains need only a mix of water and vinegar applied to the problem area, this will neutralise the issue and remove the stain. Areas that are a little more stubborn will need this process repeating a few times to remove the stain fully.

After removing stains, leather boots should be prepped ready for those cold spells. Although you’re storing your beloved winter boots away, make sure you give them a good clean and condition. Conditioning the leather will ensure that they do not dry out over the warmer months. Many leather treatments will also contain water proofing properties, this is an ideal time to get your winter footwear prepared for next year! We would advise that anyone with fabric boots takes this time to spray their footwear with a waterproof treatment as this will ensure you’re ready for the cold snap also.

Whilst we are addressing stains, let’s deal with smells! Sometimes boots and shoes can smell, it’s a fact. But make sure you combat the odor rather than boxing it away in the hope it won’t come back. Deodorise your shoes before you store them away for the summer months, your local supermarket will be the best place to start the search for sprays that will come in handy all year round.

If your winter footwear is looking a little lackluster after the last cold blast, now is the time to get them looking as good as new before they go into hibernation! Don’t let worn down heels, broken laces or scuffed leather sit and wait to greet you next winter, deal with the issues now. Take your beloved winter boots to your local cobbler, these things can be easily fixed for a small price – don’t wait till the issue is worse next winter!

No matter where you store your winter footwear during spring and summer, make sure you’re not damaging them more whilst you’re not wearing them.

Stop your boots looking slouchy and creased with a pair of boot forms – these are an excellent investment for tall leather boots. Boot forms keep leather structured and upright, allowing the natural shape to stay looking as good as new whilst you’re not wearing them.

We would always advise that it is best to store leather boots upright, however as long as your boots are clean and have been treated storing really can be easy. Try and keep the heaviest boots at the bottom of your chosen storage option and if your footwear is in need of extra care, wrap each boot individually in an old towel or pillow case.

At Mozimo our extensive selection of shoe care products will ensure that your footwear collection is looking as good as new all year round.

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Get Ready For The Wedding Season with Bridal Footwear at Mozimo!

bride in white shoes and groom in brown shoes

Here in the UK we consider the peak wedding season to be from May through to September, which means brides, bridesmaids and all you other guests have not got long at all to get those all-important outfits sorted (we’re not trying to panic you, honest!).

Thankfully, here at Mozimo we have dozens of brand new styles from a variety of leading designer names such as Gabor and Peter Kaiser in our bridal and wedding collection, which make the perfect base for your wedding outfit whatever role you’re playing in the day. Below we’ve taken a closer look at some of our most popular styles and brands in order to help you make that pivotal decision:

Summer bridal footwear

Jetting off to a sunnier location, having photos on the beach or just optimistic about the British weather? Well then, why not take a look at some of our summer wedding shoes and sandals! For warmer weather, the more chance your feet have to breathe the better so why not opt for something like Peter Kaiser’s low heel sandals or strappy Padora heels.

Blue wedding footwear

You know the saying – something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue…  Whether it’s for guests or the bride herself, blue wedding shoes have always been a popular choice here at Mozimo. Right now, there are plenty of new styles to choose from, but our favourites have to be the Peter Kaiser’s Itha low heel sandals and Styr peep toe dress shoes.

Untitled design (4)

Before ordering or settling with your wedding shoes there are a few things for you to remember about footwear on the big day:

  • Comfort – you’re going to be on your feet for many hours so make sure you can walk comfortably in your shoes (make use of our free returns if not!)
  • Dancing – again, make sure you can dance in your shoes (or you might want to slip into a pair of flats later on when the time comes to hit the dance floor)
  • Colour – does the colour fully match your outfit? Is it a colour which you can wear again with another outfit?
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